Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best Tortilla Soup....Ever!

While in Palm Springs visiting my Aunt Barbara, we decided to make Tortilla soup since it's a healthy and hearty meal. My sister (Katie) sent over this highly recommended recipe and knowing that she holds a certain amount of culinary clout, Aunt B and I were glad to embark on this task. It was a bit my of our normal soup making skills and Aunt B did most of the long slow cooking. Let me tell you, this soup packs an amazing smell! One you can't get enough of. Here is a link to the recipe with some tips on what to make. We found a lot of the ingredients at the farmers market and regular grocery store. However, if you have a Mexican grocery store nearby, that would be the best option. If you know Spanish, chat it up with the owners! Mexico is playing Argentina today and I'm feeling the world cup fever. My ties have to go to Mexico.

Best Tortilla Soup!