Monday, September 8, 2008

The San Francisco Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival
The festival was crawling with chocolate food lovers (most of the population of San Fran would fall under this category).  The festival had some amazingly good looking chocolate-y treats and I, along with Grace and Kevin, got to eat and admire the creations of some chocolate adventurers.  Here is a little tour:
Needless to say, foodies can always find a way to pair anything with wine.  Chocolate is no exception.
Chocolate drizzled shortcake squares. 

The trolley cars of SF.
Grace and I wanted to know how to make these decadent chocolate souffles! yummmm
Tea infused chocolate: The delicate flavors of earl gray, chai, lemon, berry, and orange teas.
Chocolate moon cakes.  A little Chinese influence.

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Erin said...

I miss Ghirardelli square!! They have the best brownie ice cream sundaes in the world!